CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Wiki, Biography, Real Name, Height, Girlfriend, Age, Family, Income

If you watch a funny video on YouTube then you must know about CarryMinati YouTube Channel. If you do not know about ‘CarryMinati’ today I am going to tell you “CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Wiki, Biography, Real Name, Height, Girlfriend, Age, Family, Income “. So let’s start

CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Wiki

CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

Early life and Education:

Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati) was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, Haryana India. CarryMinati age is 19 years as in 2018. Like other children, Ajey liked to study and play sports, video games, YouTube, and play as well in his childhood. When Ajey was around 10 years old he loves to play Video games and one day suddenly he made a Youtube channel named STeaLThFeArzZ and he started putting videos such as Gameplays, Football Tricks, and PC Tutorials. Because of putting different types of videos, the view of his channel was negligible. But he did not care whether people were liking his videos or not. In 2014, he made another channel, named CarryDeol, by following his passion. On which Ajey Nagar plays the video game and commentates in the voice of Sunny Deol. People find it quite different, but no video did not cross the record of 1 lakh views.

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Because of spending too much time on YouTube, his mind began to feel less in studies. So his parents were worried about his exams because he was in 10th class.

But he wants something so he decided that he will give their full time to YouTube and Ajey has passed his 10th examination from Delhi Public School, Faridabad.

At the moment Ajey Nagar is putting his full focus on his channel CarryMinati. For this reason, he has continued with the IGNOU with Arts.

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CarryMinati wiki

CarryMinati Wiki/Biography

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YouTube Career of Carryminati Ajey Nagar:

How can someone think at the age of 10 that he is to become YouTuber? But Ajey Nagar is a name that has shown this to do. The YouTube channel, which has more than 3 million subscribers and 40 million views, CarryMinati is today the fastest growing YouTube channel. Ajey Nagar’s channel was first named CarryDeol on which Ajey used to comment in the voice of Sunny Deol while playing the video game. Although Minati means Prayer in the Telugu language when asked about the meaning of his channel in an interview, he did not specify any reason, just because someone suggests this name on Facebook, he liked the name Kept it.

His channel started getting success when he made a roasting video on Bhuvan Bam. After that, he uploaded a similar kind of seven videos on his channel, on which he received Lakhs of views. After some time, Ajey collaborated with Nazar Battu Productions, which also benefited his channel.

CarryMinati Wiki/Biography


Strikes on CarryMinati YouTube Channel:

Though his age is small his name is included today in India’s top YouTuber. But there was a time when his channel CarryMinati was on the verge of closure. Bhim Niroula, a Nepali singer, had a strike of 2 strikes and one strike from Baap of Bakchod. After making a lot of request from Ajey, both of them again withdrew their Strikes. At this critical time, his viewers also helped him to save his channel. Now Ajey uploads videos to his channel only after thinking about it so that there is no problem again.

CarryMinati-Ajay Nagar Affairs and Rumours:

Ajey’s name has also been associated with Pardesi Girl (Falguni), which is a YouTuber. When asked about Ajey in an interview, he told that “he had made some comment on one of her videos. On which Falguni (Pardesi Girl) also reacted. People who saw that and think there are some among them “. Though the same In the interview he told that there is nothing like the love between them.

CarryMinati Wiki/Biography

CarryMinati Ajey Nagar

Awards and Achievements of CarryMinati:

  • Fan Fest 2017, which took place in Mumbai, had all the top YouTubers called. Among them, Ajey Nagar was also included, and Ajey was also the youngest person in the Fan Fest.
  • Today, he has Silver and Gold buttons which were given him on 1 Lakh and 1 million subscribers. Which also shows the hard work of Ajey about his work.
  • Ajey’s channel has crossed the figure of 36 lakh subscribers today and so far his videos have seen more than 40 million times.
  • ROASTING BB KI VINES is his first video that crossed the figure of 1 lakh views. On this video, Ajey had the rant and roast Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam.
  • Ajey is also very active on social media. For this reason, more than 600 thousand people follow him on Twitter. Apart from this, more than 500 thousand people have also liked his Facebook page.

Interesting things about Ajey Nagar:

  • In 2010, Ajey Nagar amateur made a YouTube channel named SteaLThFeArzZ when he was in class 6th. He used to upload videos by making them on Gameplays, Football Tricks, and PC Tutorials.
  • When Ajey changed his channel name from CarryDeol to CarryMinati in 2015, his channel got Hughes success, which was not expected by Ajey.
  • When he started making roasts and rants of popular videos, people started liking his videos as well. Inspiration to do so was found by American YouTuber Leafyishere.
  • Because Bhim Niroula, a Nepali singer, youtube had sent copyright strikes twice to his channel. He had said that Ajey has used his content in his videos.


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