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Helen Keller was a wonderful and eccentric woman, who did not allow blindness and deafness to become her weakness and made her the means to read and understand her touching senses. Famous as educationist, socialist and social worker, Helen Keller is included in the greatest women of the 20th century.

Helen Keller Wiki, Biography, Story, Quotes, Story, Books

Bio And Personal Info.
Real NameHelen Adams Keller
ProfessionWriter, educationist, socialist and social worker
Date Of BirthJune 27, 1880
Age In 2019No More
Birth PlaceUSA
Home TownUSA
HeightNot known
WeightNot known
SchoolNot known
CollegeNot known
Educationnot known
Marital StatusNot known
Hobbieshorseback riding and boat rowing
Helen Keller Wiki
Helen Keller Wiki

Brief Biography of Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in a prosperous family of Elys Tuscumbia in the US. In 1882, a serious illness caused her eyesight and ability to listen. With the help of an instructor Annie Sullivan in 1887, Helen Keller found great help in improving the efficiency of her communication. After this, Keller continued his studies and studied until graduation in 1904. In 1920, Keller made significant contributions to the establishment of the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU). Helen Keller was honored with many honors for her achievements during her lifetime.

Early Life of Helen Keller

Helen Keller was the older in 2 daughters of father Arthur H. Keller and mother Catherine Adams Keller. She also had two half-brothers. Helen’s father was an officer in the army. The financial condition of the family was normal and the main source of income was cotton cultivation. Later, Arthur became the editor of a newspaper, North Alabama. Girl Helen was very beautiful and attractive At the age of six months she had learned to speak and walk in the age of one year. By the age of one and a half, she could see and hear like other children and was also learning to speak a few things.

Helen’s loss of vision and hearing

Helen suffered from a serious disease (possibly meningitis or scarlet fever). A few days after the fever came, Helen’s mother felt that when the food bell rings or shakes her hand in front of her face, Helen does not respond. Helen Keller had lost the ability to see and hear at a young age of 19 months with illness.

Helen Keller Struggle

Helen soon understood that her life was different from other children. She can not see or hear like them. If someone made a mistake in understanding her signs, then she would tear her clothes in anger and get hair scraps. Helen loved her doll very much. She used to keep her neck all day long. But she disliked her little sister Because no one would let her play. One day she found her little sister sleeping in the doll’s arms. She got annoyed and she reversed the cradle in anger. Mother ran away and protected the baby. Hellen often hurt not only to others but also to himself. Dried milk, water, etc. on her body. 

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Helen’s teacher Annie Sullivan

Helen’s parents were frustrated in every way. In 1886, Helen’s mother read the American travel notes of Charles Dickens, in which a blind-deaf child, Laura Brizman, had a well-known education. After which, she and her father went to Baltimore to meet Dr. J. Julian Chisom. Dr. Chisom sent them to the telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who was working with deaf children during those days. Bell, after meeting Helen and her parents, advised them to go to Perkins College, Boston. There she met Anne Sullivan, a teacher.

Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan
Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan

Annie Sullivan came as a ray of light in Helen’s dark life. Sullivan was extremely poor she was suffering from a disease of blindness at the age of 18, but with a successful operation, her eyesight improved greatly until she was 20 years old. Anne Sullivan’s affection and sympathetic behavior brought a radical change in Helen’s life. Annie wrote a word Doll in Helen’s Palm. Helen liked it, though at the time she did not know that her beloved doll is actually a doll. After a few days of effort, she understood that every object has a name and gradually she learned a lot of words. So far, she always wants something new knowledge, new information and her teacher Anne does not tire of teaching her. Thus Ani Sullivan opened a new treasure for her. Books are written in Braille script (blind script) she used to give Helen to read.

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Helen Keller’s Education

Annie Sullivan taught Helen to the pain, hard work and perseverance, it is impossible to describe it. Many times she got a failure, even then she kept on trying with patience and courage. At the age of 6, Helen had acquired the Object knowledge. At the age of 9, her stuck Tongue was opened and in the 10th year, she acquired knowledge of all letters and many words. Helen entered the Cambridge School with Annie Sullivan in the year 1896. Annie used to take notes necessary in the class and explained Helen to her sign language. Within two years, Helen had acquired knowledge of languages ​​such as English, German, French, Latin, etc. By the age of twenty, she had become so well qualified that she could enter college. In the year 1904, she joined the University and Passed the examination of B.A. in the first class. She studied Shakespeare and other great poets.

Helen Keller’s career as a social worker

Helen Keller started writing on the encouragement of one of her professors and wrote seven books, in which her autobiography The Story of My Life is the priceless fund. This book has been written from Helen Keller’s childhood until the arrival of the college to the age of 21. After completing college studies, Helen Keller started giving her full time for social service. Keller started to lecture in place and tried to make changes in the lives of others. In 1915, she founded Helen Keller International, a dedicated organization dedicated to preventing the effects of blindness and malnutrition, along with noted City Planner George Kesler. In the 1920s, the American Civil Liberty Union was formed with her collaboration. Keller also joined the Socialist Party and wrote many articles about socialism.

Helen Keller Biography
Helen Keller Biography


Between 1946 and 1957 Helen Keller traveled to more than 35 countries of 5 continents. In 1955, at the age of 75, she came out on the longest and difficult journey of her life. In this, she inspires millions of people through her speeches and interviews while completing 40 thousand miles in Asia in 5 months. In 1961, Helen Keller got a number of strokes and she spent the rest of her life at her home in Connecticut.

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Helen Keller’s death

Heller Keller passed away on June 1, 1968, a few weeks before her 88th birthday. Helen Keller made her weakness with determination, hard work, and her imagination and presented an example in front of the whole world

Interesting facts about Helen Keller

Helen Keller also knew how to swim, horseback riding and boat rowing. She also played chess and cards occasionally. She used to write articles, books, etc. in a braille-script.

The touch sensation of Helen Keller was so sensitive that she would enjoy the concubine song by touching the singer’s throat. She touched the radio and heard everything from its vibrations. Helen used to recognize her acquaintances as shaking hands and could also tell their currently state angry or in joy.

Photo ofHelen Kellen
Helen Kellen
Job Title
Writer, Social Worker
American Civil Liberty Union

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