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Ninja Punjabi Singer is very popular in Punjabi Music industry. Ninja is his stage name. Punjabi singer Ninja’s real name is Amit Bhalla.

Ninja height is 5.11 feet(approx.) and Ninja age is 27 years. Ninja singer hairstyle is also very popular.

Ninja Punjabi Singer

Ninja Punjabi Singer Wiki


Ninja Punjabi Singer Wiki

Ninja was born in Ludhiana in 1991. Ninja date of birth is not known exactly. Ninja’s family’s financial status was not good enough to give him a good education too. Ninja was a very intelligent student. He had scored 85% in his 12th. After that, he took admission in But because of the family’s economic situation, he left and took admission in B.A. In his college day he did a job in Vodafone and he earned 2500INR for a month. Ninja’s Family had a Music Cafe


Ninja Punjabi Singer Wiki/Wikipedia

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His parents never wanted him to become a singer. They always used to say to the Ninja that read and get a  good job. Ninja has faced very difficult situations Even he did not have the money to pay their college fees. Ninja had a Paletina bike but Ninja always wanted to ride Bullet Bike But his economic condition was not so good.

Ninja Mother

During the school days, Ninja got a chance to sing Punjabi Bolliyan in a Bhangra competition and then the Ninja sings his Bolliyan, then the audience present there loved him After that Ninja also participated in quite a few competitions And in this way he has started taking singing seriously and after that he also played the role of the Main Singer in many competitions.


Ninja said in one of his interviews that the first was very fat At that time, his weight was about 130 kg. Yes, friends 130 kg

Here is Ninja old photo 

Ninja Punjabi Singer Wiki


Ninja Punjabi Singer Wiki/Bio

Ninja that you are watching today looks like a Handsome and Hero But Ninja was not exactly like that at all Ninja was too heavy to be fat. Once the Ninja meets Honey Singh, Honey Singh advised him of Weight Lose and advised to do better and better your carrier in Singing.

After that, the Ninja worked very hard on his body after that, he made his body perfectly.

Ninja used to wear earrings in their ears from the beginning Although he has been punished for quite a while for earrings.

But still, he used to wear earrings he is very fond of wearing earrings.

Ninja Punjabi Singer


Ninja’s Music Guru is named Harvinder Bittu Harvinder Bittu. From the Harvinder Bittu Harvinder Bittu, the Ninja has given tricks to singing and music. And the Punjabi Bolliyan he has learned from Pappi Gill he says that what he has today is behind them only by their Guru Harvinder Bittu and Pappi Gill Without them they can not become anything today.

Once the Ninja meets Umesh Yadav Karma, he tells the Ninja well more skills of Singing and he always keeps telling the Ninja where he is doing wrong and where he is doing right. Let me tell you that Umesh Yadav Karma is a very well known director of Punjabi Industry.


Career Of Ninja Punjabi Singer


Ninja’s First Song came out, first song name was Aand Mand Ka Tola. Ninja sang his first song and also recorded it but no one’s Music Company was willing to release it and the one who was convinced was asking for a lot of money. But the economic condition of the Ninja was not so good nor did he have so much money to give money to release this song.

Ninja Punjabi Singer Biography


After that, his first commercial hit came in the direction of Parmish Verma and the song name is Thokda Reha. At the end of this song Ninja Punjabi singer Death. After that, Ninja improves his singing in very well and gives very pretty and good songs to Punjabi Music Industry.


Some of them are down

Challa (Dushman) [Single]
Jattan Da Putt Mada Ho Gya [Single]
Black Money [Single]
Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Ske [Single]
RoyalSwag Anthem [Single]
License [Single]
Insta (ID Te Mittar) [Single]
Once Upon A Time In Amritsar
Viah (Once Upon A Time Amritsar) [Single]
Naam Tere [Single]
Zamaana [Single]
Star [Single]
Dil [Single]
Ever Green
Flying Cars [Single]
Evergreen [Single]
Gal Jatan Wali [Single]
Aadat [Single]
Pindaan Wale Jatt [Single]
Thokda Reha [Single]
Akhada Babbu Maan Da [Single]
Teri Bhabhi Hai [Single]

Ninja acted in many films after the successful singing and he never looked back.

Ninja is a big fan of Gurdas Maan and he wants to sing on stage like him

Ninja Singer Contact No. From Facebook page is 9888525789

Today the Ninja Punjabi singer has become a familiar name in the Punjabi Industry what Ninja has achieved is achieved by its hard work Friends Ninja is a very industrious person And by reading Ninja Punjabi Singer biography, you might have figured out how he has achieved his goal.



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