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Parmish Verma is a very famous singer, writer, and director of the Punjabi Film and Music Industry. He is one who starts the increase The Beard Trend. He is so popular today that only songs by his name are hit.

Parmish Verma date of birth is 3 July 1994.Parmish was born at Patiala Punjab.Parmish Verma age is 32 in 2018 Parmish Verma Father, Dr. Satish Verms is a well-known writer, theater artist and he has written the story of Film Bolda Punjab too.Parmish’s father was also a Professor at Punjabi University.

Parmish Verma

 Parmish Verma wiki


Let’s Take an overview of Parmish Verma wiki

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Parmish Verma’s father often taught his students to do drama and acting and their Riyersle was at his home. So From the beginning, He has seen an atmosphere of acting. And He also went multi-Talented like his father. People who can not learn Acting and Dialogue delivery well at the age of 18-20 years, He learned in a very short time and at a young age. He studied till 12th in P.B. Public School from Patiala.


After that, on the advice of his father, he went to Australia and started Hotel Management course there. Although Parmish himself says that he had no special interest in studies and he failed in this course. Australia’s time was a very bad phase for Parmish. At that time he also had to do a Waiter job in a Pub. However, after that, he had got a good job as well as Australia’s Permanent Citizenship (PR).

 Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma Wiki


But the mind of Parmish was going to get there In Parmish’s mind, it was just acting, writing and singing. That is why he talked about it with his father then his father supported him very much and asked him to come back to India after this He came back to India.




At that time his father was shooting a Punjabi Film Bolda Punjab At the behest of He his father gave him a role in him too. But He wanted to make his name on his own so he did not want to take advantage of his father’s name. And then he went to Mumbai He did not get any good job in Mumbai too.

Friends, when a new man goes to Mumbai he/she does not get any rolls or any job easily you all know this.

His Father had a very good friendship with Gurdass Maan Then He meet Gurdass Mann Ji’s boy Gurik Maan in Mumbai Then he advised to Him to learn direction, then he began to learn direction with Gurik Maan.

 Parmish Verma wiki


After that He made his first video song Zimmewari Bhukh Te Doori and this video got a great response and got lots of views. This video was made with his own Personal Life and Poems written by him.

Parmish Verma Wiki

 Parmish Verma wiki

After that, he made his First Song Thokda Reha with Ninja in 2015 and the audience liked it and it was his first commercial hit After that he did not look back

After that, he did a lot of songs with Mankirt Singh and all songs got a lot of interest.

After this, Hehas become a known name in the Punjabi Industry and it is very easy to hit any song even with the name Parmish Verma.

After that, he worked on his Dream Project Parmish Verma Film/Movies Rocky Mantle. Rocky Mantle was released on 18 Aug. 2017 and the audience has given a very good response to it.


Some Interesting Facts

  • He is a big fan of Bohemia
  • He keeps his beard only on the advice of his mother
  • He gives credit to his father for all his success.
  • On April 13, 2018, a gangster shot him in Mohili’s 91 sector But he survived because the bullet was kneeling it was a shocking accident for fans.
  • He has a unique Beard style 
  • Also he has a unique haircut/hairstyle


 Parmish Verma Family

Parmish Verma Family


  • Parmish  Father,—- Dr. Satish Verma
  •  Mother,— Pramjit Verma (Professor)
  • Parmish  Brother Name,—Sukhan Verma (Younger)
  • Parmish  Sister,——Sherry Rana
  • Parmish verma girlfriend name — not known







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