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Professor Anand Kumar Super 30 man is a famous mathematician of Bihar. The mathematician Anand Kumar, founder of ‘Super 30’, a well-known organization preparing poor children for the entrance examination of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Patna, Bihar Professor Anand Kumar founded Super-30 in the year 2001 and started preparing for IIT’s Admission Test for poor children. In the Super 30, a total of 30 children are selected. This institute prepares for IIT entrance. All three subjects are studied in this institute, Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Anand Kumar does the job of administering this Professor Institute. It has been a record of the institute that 30 students from 30 qualify for IIT. This is the specialty of this institution which makes it known as Super 30. Presently 450 children have enrolled in Super 30 so far, out of which 391 have passed in the entrance examination of the student (IIT Entrance Examination). The rest have reached the engineering institute. Anand Kumar super 30 is run by the earning from his mathematical institution. Anand Kumar‘s fame is for the super-30’s unique success. In 2009, former Japanese beauty queen and actress Norika Fujiwara had also made a documentary film on the super 30 institute. And a documentary film was made on the successful operation and leadership of Anand Kumar’s Super 30 by the National Geographic Channel.

Anand Kumar Super 30 man

Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar

Early Life

Father of Anand Kumar living in Bihar used to work as a clerk in the post office and Anand completed her studies by selling papad with her mother Jayanti Devi. Anand Kumar was called for admission to the University of Cambridge but due to poverty, he could not get admission there. Sadly, Anand Kumar decided to teach poor children. Anand Kumar was a student of a government school and he had an interest in mathematics from the beginning. He also dreamed that he became a doctor, a scientist, and an engineer, but it did not happen due to poverty. To make his dream come true, he also called for reading at the University of Cambridge, but his family’s financial status was weak due to this his dream not come true. This Tees inspires them to refine the talents of poor children.

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Anand told that he was unable to go Cambridge University, during this time his father died due to a heart attack on August 3, 1994, due to which he had been completely broken but he had not lost his courage and struggled. Anand Kumar’s father used to sort out the letter in the postal department, but after the death of his father, he decided not to get the job of compassion.Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar says that everything was going wrong to his thinking, but he decided that if I do a job then I will not get a chance to show talent in Math. Due to financial constraints, his mother used to make papad in the house for livelihood. And Anand and his brothers started selling papad on the bicycle. With this, he used to teach mathematics to other students for extra income, so that their expenses could be expended. At this time there was no foreign book in Patna’s library, which he could read.

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So he traveled for 6 hours and went to Banaras and stayed in his brother’s hostel room on Saturday and Sunday two days of the weekend and used to read these books from the library of BHU, and returned to Patna on Monday morning. Life was going on like this but Anand Kumar had to fulfill his dream. He started coaching under the name ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’ at home. Initially, only two students came to coaching. During this time he used to charge Rs 500 per student.

Starting Of Anand Kumar super 30

Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar

But in the next two years, their number increased to 36 and in the third year, about 500 students enrolled in it. After that, a poor student came to him in 2000, who wanted coaching IIT and JEE, but he did not have the tuition fees. This thing touches the heart of Anand and he accepts it to be taught and the student succeeded in the entrance examination of the IIT. Inspired by this, he started the Super 30

Now his dream is to open a school. he says that due to poverty, many children leave their studies and start earning for the livelihood

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Every year since 2002, an entrance exam is organized by Super 30 in May every year, through which 30 students are selected. Many students participate in this test, out of which 30 students are selected, who are unable to pay coaching fees. Tutoring is given to these students by the institute, study material is given and arrangements are made for their living. Here, these students are prepared for the entrance examinations of IIT. His mother Jayanti Devi cooks for these students and his brother Pranav Kumar manages the management.Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar Super 30

In the year 2003 to 2017, 391 students out of a total of 450 students have been selected in the IIT. From 2008 to 2010, every student of this class was selected in IIT and JEE. Anand Kumar has not received any support from the government or any private institution for the operation of Super 30. He spends his money from his another institution Ramanujam Institute.

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After the success of Super 30, Anand Kumar received offers from several indigenous and foreign institutes, along with this, the government also offered him financial help, but he did not accept any of them. Anand Kumar Super 30 man wants to run Super 30 with his own efforts. In the year 2008-10, this institute gave a result of 30/30 and 24 of the 30 in the year 2011, 27 in 2012, 28 in the year 2013, 27 in the year 2014, 25 in the year 2015 and 28 in the year 2016. Last year in 2017, 30 students got admission in IIT and JEE and succeeded Anand Kumar’s efforts. For this coaching, Anand Kumar[Super 30] does not accept any kind of donation, but he runs the Evening Class in Patna for this.

Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar’s life-based Hrithik Roshan new Super 30 Movie Detail

Amitabh Bachchan played the role of a principal in the 2011 film Aarakshan, Director Prakash Jha took the help of Anand Kumar to correctly understand this role and roll it down. From then on, Anand Kumar came to the notice of Bollywood producers and directors. And many Bollywood producers and directors were wishing to make a film on the life of Anand Kumar. Now the announcement has been made by Director Vikas Bahal to make a biopic on Anand Kumar’s life. The name of this movie is Super-30 which will be released in 2019. According to the reports so far, Anand Kumar’s character is being played by actor Hrithik Roshan. and director Mukesh Kumar has taken responsibility for cast for the role of his student. Still trying. So far 15,000 children of 15 to 17 years have been tested for this. and some of them are shortlisted and their training is going on. Some parts of the shooting of this film have been shot at Ramnagar Fort and parts of Patna a few days ago. But considering the huge heat and fanciful crowd, a big set of Bihar has been built in Mumbai. This set will be the complete air conditioner, where the general public will not be allowed to come.


Anand Kumar Super 30

Star cast of super-30 and other information:


Name of the movie Super-30
Main actor Anand Kumar’s character Hrithik Roshan
Director Vikas Bahal
Author Vikas Bahal
Anand Kumar’s brother Pranav Kumar’s character Nandish Singh
Ritu Rashmi (Anand Kumar wife) Mrinal Thakur
Other actors
  • Mohamed JeeshanAyub
  • Ritwik Sahora
  • Aditya Shrivastav
  • Pankaj Tripathi
Casting director Mukesh Chhabra
Music department Ajay Gogawale

Atul Gogawale

Date of release January 25, 2019

In our country, a film star, an industrialist or any other person can easily get success. But reaching out to this position by a teacher’s own efforts is a matter of praise After this film every person will be able to understand this type of person who made the future of hundreds of students. We hope that the film based on his life will be completed soon and it will be very successful.

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